Horizontal Water Sampler

The KC Horizontal Water Sampler is based on the van Dorn design.

The KC Horizontal Water Sampler is intended for taking water samples near the bottom in lakes, streams, or in stratified water bodies.

It is made of sturdy transparent PVC and has a double releaser, activated by a drop messenger. The releaser is made of stainless steel (AISI 316). The water sampler has a standard thermometer mounted, with a temperature range between - 10 and + 60 degrees C (1 degree indications on the scale). When the 2 PVC end covers are released, they are held together by a rubber strap. The water sampler is made in 2 sizes. All samplers can optionally be equipped with direction fins for stabilisation in flowing water. Dropmessenger is included.

Description   Ordering No.
1.7 litre   11.100
3.0 litre   11.200
5.0 litre   11.300
Direction fin 1.7 litre
Direction fin 3.0 litre
Direction fin 5.0 litre
Dimensions 1.7 litre 3.0 litre 5.0 litre
Diameter of tube (O.D./I.D.) 90 / 80mm 110 / 100mm 110 / 100mm
Drop messenger chromium plated brass 400g 400 g 400 g
Length 500 mm 580 mm 830 mm
Total weight 3.6 kg 4.5 kg 5.6 kg

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