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Company Profile
Tresanton Oceanographic endeavours to provide a cost effective oceanographic equipment supply service for scientists and survey personnel, working in the fields in oceanography and related marine sciences. Our special interest is in the inshore and estuarine environment. However, much of the equipment offered, also has full ocean depth capability.

Equipment Hire
Box Corer available for hire, Sample area 560 cm2. Comes with stainless steel sample boxes.

Equipment Sales
Tresanton Oceanographic are distributors for the following manufacturers' products

High precision CTDs, multi parameter probes, deep water on-line systems, radio telemetry buoys and trace metal analysers.
KC Denmark
Seabed, water and biological sampling equipment.
Micoroprocessor controller sediment traps, Titanium housings and shackles, plus various seabedsamplers.
Acoustic Doppler 3D current meters, profilers and directional wave devices, plus ultra fast sampling instruments for turbulence measurement.
Richter and Wiese
Water sampling bottles and glass reversing thermometers.
Tresanton Oceanographic
Tresanton manufacturers a limited range of high quality seabed and water sampling equipment, including stainless steel Van Veen and sprung loaded grabs plus electrically triggered water bottles. Bespoke products, build to customers own specification, also undertaken.
Wilson Benthic Autoseive
Sieving table for automatically reducing benthic sediment samples offshore.

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