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K.U.M. GmbH. manufactures a wide range of sophisticated mechanical oceanographic instrumentation including microprocessor controller sediment traps, seabed and biological sampling equipment, ocean bottom seisometers, titanium housings and shackles.
K.U.M. GmbH K.U.M. Microprocessor controlled Sediment Traps
Sediment Trap Models
With 0.5m 2 collection area
1 sample bottle K/MT 232
14 sample bottles K/MT 233
21 sample bottles K/MT 234
41 sample bottles K/MT 320
With 0.25m 2 collection area
1 sample bottle K/MT 235
14 sample bottles K/MT 236
Used to measure the vertical flux of particles in the water column. Can be supplied as, simple single bottle units or microprocessor controlled multi-bottle systems, with up to 41 individual sample bottles. With the multi-bottle sediment traps, a special design ensures that, apart from the bottle engaged in sampling, the remaining sample bottles are sealed against the environment.

The multi-bottle traps are programmed before launching, to sample at pre-selected times intervals. The sampling pattern does not have to be linear and could for example, be programmed to coincide with a predictable event such as a tidal cycle. In addition, if the sediment trap is interfaced with some other sensor, then data from this sensor can also be used as an event trigger.
K.U.M. GmbH Box Corer Model GKG

Manufactured in stainless steel and designed for sampling to depths of 6000m. Suitable for both geological and biological sampling, the penetration of the box can be adjusted to sample down to 60 cm in 10 cm steps.
  • Overall dims: 2.0m x 2.0m x 1.8m
  • Box dims: 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.6m (h)
K.U.M. GmbH Chain Bag Dredge
Robustly built for the collection of geological seabed samples The chain bag allows the unconsolidated sediments to wash away leaving loose rock, nodules and cobbles from the sea floor.


  • Mouth size: 500 - 950 mm
  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Weight: Approx 300 kg.
  • Mouth size: 950-1400mm
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Weight: Approx.500 kg.

K.U.M. GmbH Ocean Bottom Seismometers
The OBH / OBS systems is used for the exploration of the marine subsurface. The travel times and amplitudes of seismic waves generated by earthquakes or artificial sources are recorded and used to determine the subsurface geological structure.

The K.U.M. seismometer is lowered to the sea floor, where its crane arm automatically releases and places a geophone on the sea floor, 1 m away from the mother unit. Being in direct contact with the sea floor, the geophone records data with the minimum of interference.

K.U.M. GmbH Core Storage Accessories
K.U.M. offers a complete range of sediment core storage materials including :

  • D shaped tubes for lengthwise cut samples. (Max. length 1.6 m)
  • Sediment core boxes ( Max. length 1m)
  • End caps, synthetic sponge, special adhesive and tapes
Complete storage rack systems, for either transportation or long term storage . Modular in design, different kinds of racks can be fitted as required. Suitable for transport on standard 20" containers.
K.U.M. GmbH Core Liner Tubes
Manufactured in grey PVC with a wall thickness of 2.5mm and diameters of external diameters of 90 and 125 mm . Available in 5 metre lengths.
K.U.M. GmbH Lander
K.U.M. design and manufacture Landers and various other types of instrument carriers in stainless steel, GRP and/or titanium to client’s own specification
K.U.M. GmbH Inclinometer Model: STANTON micro K/MT 400
Used to record tilt angles in two directions (Range +/- 45 Deg.). Comes with 512 kB memory for the collection and storage of 32760 data sets, which is sufficient to record data at half hourly interval for almost two years.Housed in a titanium tube of diameter 70mm x length 220mm and weighing 1.5 Kg. in water, the standard version has a working depth of 6000m
K.U.M. GmbH Electric Drives
Designed for deep sea applications, K.U.M. electric drives are extremely compact and lightweight (5.4 kg.) and yet it is still capable of providing an impressive torque of up to 15 Nm (depending on the type of unit). Fitted with an internal opto-electronic control, the shaft can be positioned with a precision of 1/16 of a revolution. Offered in a wide variety of versions, they can also be tailored to meet specific client’s needs. Each drive is operationally pressure tested to 600 bar.
K.U.M. GmbH Camcorder Housing
This can either be supplied as a camera ready empty housing, with a boro-silicate glass window in the front bulkhead and connectors sent into the rear.
Alternatively, K.U.M. can supply a complete system based on a Sony digital camcorder Model DCR-VX10000E. The latter includes, internal electronics, voltage supply, surface digital recorder and programming software.

K.U.M. GmbH Swivel
The body is hermetically sealed and filled with silicon oil. Designed to prevent cable stress during the deployment and recovery of sampling equipment. Available in refined steel 12H 18N10T or Stainless Steel.
K.U.M. GmbH Titanium Shackles
Manufactured in a number of styles, including Omega, three varieties of U shaped shackles and titanium snap-shackles.

All shackles are certified for their load bearing capacity, ranging from 1400 kgs. to 7500 kgs depending on their design. The full available range, and specifications can be found here .
K.U.M. GmbH Battery Packs
Designed for long term operation in a deep sea environment(max 6000m). Battery packs are configured to met clients requirements and can optionally be supplied with zinc-carbo, alkaline-manganese or lithium-ion cells as required.

K.U.M. GmbH Titanium Pressure Housings
K.U.M. pressure housings are of seamless construction using TiA16V4 titanium and therefore need less mooring buoyancy . They are offered with internal diameters ranging from 50 to 540mm.and lengths up to 2000mm. Standard operating depth capability 6000m., plus a full ocean depth option on request.

Standard Sizes include:
Length: Inner diameter
500 mm 130 mm
650 mm 150 mm
750 mm 190 mm
350mm 90 mm
Pressure tubes can also be supplied in 1.4462 stainless steel.
Length Inner diameter
290 mm 110 mm
350 mm 110 mm
400 mm 110 mm

Pressure tubes in other materials including 1.4539 and 1.4571 stainless available on request.

Optional Extras:

  • Connectors (Max 6 per end cap)
  • Pin configurations 2 to 12
  • Handle
  • Camera window 2 x 44o (See Camcorder Housings)

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