Heavy Duty Kajak Corer

The corer is fully made of stainless steel AISI 316 and electro polished. The corer is designed for taking samples in hard sandy sediment. On the top are placed 4 pcs steering fins and it is possible to increase the weight with 2 pcs 7 kg alloy lead weights and 8 pcs 2 kg alloy lead weights placed at the fins.

The corer tube is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and in the mouth is mounted one carver and inside there is placed a orange peel closing system (prevents the sample from exit).

Corer tube dimensions :
OD 60 / ID 53 mm x L = 750 mm.

The weight without alloy lead is app: 18 kg

Total weight included alloy lead weights: 48 kg

Description Ordering No.
1 pc 750 mm corer tube and 2 pcs of 7 kg alloy lead weights, 1 pc orange peel closing system, 1 pc carver and 1 pc PVC internal liner are included in a complete small gravity corer. 13.520
1 pc 750 mm stainless steel corer tube 13.521
1 pc alloy lead weight 7 kg 13.522
1 pc alloy lead weight 2 kg 13.523
1 pc orange peel closing system 13.524
1 pc carver (cutting edge) 13.525
1 pc internal PVC liner o 50 mm 13.526

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