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Idronaut S.r.l. of Italy, is a privately owned company founded in 1982 for the development and manufacture of innovate oceanogrphic and marine instrumentation. It is well respected in the academic research community and in addition to fuding much of its own research through the sale of Idronaut sensors and probes and it has also been appointed as project leader, on many Nationally and Internationally funded research projects.

Recent projects, on which Idronaut has been or is currently the project leader include: EUREKA Project EU EUROMAR-BIMS
(Benthic Instrumentation and Monitoring System for Investigation of Physical and Geotechnical Properties of the Water-sediment Interface).

MAST II 91-94 - CONTRACT n o MAS2-CT92-0043
(Development and validation of an anodic stripping voltammeter for remote automatic analysis of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd) in estuarine and coastal waters.

MAST III 94-98 - CONTRACT n o MAS3-CT95-0033
VAMP - Voltametric Autonomous Measuring Probes for trace metals in the water column (500m. max depth) and at water-sediment interfaces (6000m max depth).

Self Recording / Direct Reading CTDs and Multi-Parameter Probes
Model 320 Single or Dual C/T sensor System

Top of range CTD/multi-parameter instrument probe with 24 bit resolution. Recently introduced this has proven to be a popular choice with leading oceanographic institutes. Incorporating Idronaut's seven ring "easy-clean" high precision conductivity sensor with the option of dual conductivity and temperature sensors the Model 320 probe offers users the ultimate in precision, ease of use, coupled with in-field data verification.

Available in 1500 and 7000m depth rated versions suitable for self recording or deep water real-time data telemetry.

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Model 319 Dual Conductivity/Temperature CTD / Multi-parameter probe.

Similar to the Model 316 but fitted with dual conductivity and temperature sensors to provide field verifiable data. The sensors do not require pumps but the whole system can be converted into a "pump-through" system by the addition of an optional transparent flow cell.

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Voltametric In-Situ Trace Metals Analyser
Self recording / Direct reading instrument for the measurement of Cu II, Pb II, Cd II, Zn II, Fe II and Mn II.

The only existing probe for trace compounds analysis at variable depth from the leader in buoy profiling systems

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Profiling Environmental Data Gathering Buoys

Model 601 Profiling Buoy

Model 701 Multi Buoy System

  Model 316 CTD / multi-parameter probe

A 16 bit high resolution instrument fitted with fast response sensor s providing time stamped data sets at user selected time or depth intervals. Self recording or on-line mode of operation with RS 232 (max 38400 baud) output as standard. Verbose / non-verbose communications. Optional FSK telemetry up to 10000m cable length, GSM or satellite telemetry. Features: - Easy clean conductivity sensor (no pump required) - Pressure compensated oxygen sensor (no pump required) - 1500m, 4000m or 7000m depth rated - Trouble free sensor additions e.g. Oxygen, pH, Redox, Turbidity, fluorescence - Triggering of water rosettes.

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Model 302 Borehole Probe

This ultra thin probe (50mm dia.) has been specially designed for bore-hole use. The basic model is fitted with CTD although pH, Redox and oxygen sensors are standard additions. Calcium, Copper and Carbon dioxide sensors are available as options.

Conductivity-Temperature Calibration System
This system has been designed to allow laboratories to calibration of their oceanographic CTD probes using a Conductivity-Temperature Transfer method. The system comprises a primary standard 100 ohm SPRT (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer), a large size Idronaut self flushing cell provided with seven internal rings of fused platinum in the quartz with a microprocessor controlled high resolution and high accuracy electronic amplifier.

Seabed Sediment Sensors
At the forefront of technical innovation, Idronaut specialises in the design and manufacture of instruments for the measurement of environmental parameters within the top 30 cm. of seabed sediments and at the sediment / water interface.

Deep water probe for the
measurement of pH in sediment.

Redox Microprofiler for
in sediment measurements.
Inidividual Sensors
Supplied as individual parts for instrumental designers and manufacturers.

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