Hand Held Corer

Model A:
The sample tube (2) is a 50 cm long acrylic tube, screwed into a POM house (1) with a build in silicone contra flap. The shaft (8) is a 4 metre long tube made from reinforced fibre glass with solid assembly fittings (9), which results in a light weight but strong construction. The sampled sediment core is visible through the transparent acrylic sample tube.
Model B:
The same characteristics as for Model A, but during sampling excess water in the tube is expelled through a completely open end. A stainless steel (AISI 316) mount inserts a rubber bung during withdrawal of the sediment sample.

Description Ordering No.
Complete sediment core sampler with: one 50 acrylic tube
and 4 metres reinforced fibreglass shaft.
Model A
Model B
(2) 2" tube thread / sharpened O.D./I.D. 6 / 5,2 cm L=50 cm
L=100 cm
(3) 2" tube thread / thread O.D./I.D. 6 / 5,2 cm L=50 cm
L=100 cm
(4) Adjustable piston rod with silicone packing L=65 cm
L=115 cm
(5) Carver 13.004
(6) Rubber bung 13.005
(7) Fraction tray for ejected sample 13.006
Extension reinforced fibreglass shaft L=2 metres 13.014

Note : Do not use alcohol for cleaning acrylic parts

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